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Personal Training


By appointment

        Achieving the fitness results you want can sometimes feel overwhelming  with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Joining a big gym can be intimidating and perplexing. Navigating the exercise machines, developing a routine that achieves your personal goals, all while being stared at can be a daunting task. If you've been trying to increase your fitness activity, but keep making excuses, or are unsure of the best course of action. Personal Training is for you. During your first session, we’ll determine your starting point and your physical fitness goals. After that, we’ll work together to create a custom workout plan to help you reach those goals and be right by your side every step of the way.



By appointment

        Here at The Fitness Pros, we strive to offer you the best possible services to help you reach your goals. Both of our trainers are certified Nutritionists, that will work with you personally to put together the perfect nutrition program for your lifestyle, sport, or fitness goals. If learning how to fuel properly or adjusting your daily intake is something that you struggle with.  Make an appointment and we will have you fill out a client profile and food questionnaire to discuss how we can help you make the changes necessary to be successful.

Group Classes

Varying times


      Is a group atmosphere more your style? If so, we have something just for you. We offer several different bootcamps, HIIT classes, Stretching sessions, and even offer a monthly competition for those that have a real craving for punishment. Choose the package that you prefer, then book your classes right here online!

Online Personal Training

Call or Message 

for details

Need something fully customized for your life and fitness level, but can't afford personal training?  Online Personal Training may be the thing you are looking for.  All workouts are fully customized to the client with a complete description and video of the exercise.  Whether you like to workout in your own home or go to the gym we can fully customize these workouts to fit your personal needs and lifestyle. 

Senior Training & Pre Natal Training

Monday- Friday

By Appointment

Senior Training: Exercise plays an important role in how we age during our senior years. Physical exercise has many benefits including lowering tension, managing stress, controlling cholesterol, reducing the chance of injury and minimizing the effects of countless chronic conditions. Our experienced trainers can help you get your body and mind into shape through an exercise program focused on functional strength training, balance, stretching and cardiovascular activities.

Pre Natal Training: Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman. Over the course of nine months, expectant mother’s bodies change in different ways and each pregnancy is unique and special.

Studies show that exercise is beneficial in many ways for prenatal women. Our experienced trainers are eager to help soon to-be moms create prenatal exercise programs that will get your heart pumping, help you manage weight gain, emphasize stretching and keep you and baby safe and healthy.

We fully understand why and how incorporating exercise during pregnancy is critical not only to your health, but also your child’s. Start your journey towards a fit pregnancy today with a free assessment.

Sport Specific Training & Coaching Plans 


By Appointment

Interested in improving your game? Our personal trainers and coaches incorporate the latest research-based methods to help you train and improve your coordination, agility, speed, power, and strength. In addition to fundamental athletic skills, we add sport specific training to your workout in order to improve your performance in your specific sport.  We even do custom Mountain bike training programs through training peaks. We specialize in...

- Mountain Biking                 -Basketball

- Road Cycling                      -Softball

- Football                              - Volleyball

- Soccer                                -Baseball


Single Session - $35

Add on to another service - $30

4 Sessions - $100

Compression Therapy for faster Recovery – Increased blood flow helps to clear fatigue causing metabolites and reduce inflammation.The sequential intermittent compression provided by Elevated Legs works to increase blood flow and speed up your body’s natural process of removing that post-workout accumulation of metabolic waste and lactate. Athletes and everyday people often experience muscles that feel less sore, fresher, looser and less fatigue after a session in the Legs. These benefits can help you take full advantage of your next workout or just life in general.

Enjoy the benefits of using an infrared sauna 
- better sleep
-weight loss
-relief from sore muscles
-relief from joint pain such as arthritis
-clear and tighter skin
-improved circulation
-help with chronic fatigue syndrome!

Join us for a session in the sauna today, even if it is just to warm up in this cold weather :)

For those who love a group setting!

Boot Camps

Get ready to sweat those pounds away with a fun and electrifying 45 minute group class! 

M.W.TH- 6:15 pm

Tues- 5:15 pm


Single class - $20

4 class pass - $75

8 class pass - $130

10 class pass- $140

12 class pass - $145

* All class passes have an expiration of 60 days

Unlimited Classes - $100 for 4 weeks


The Fitness Pros


Infrared Sauna


Take your recovery to the next level with our Infrared Sauna.




Single Session : $35

Add on to another service : $30

4 sessions : $100


The Fitness Pros

Get Motivated

Personal Training

Get the motivation and help you need to reach personal goals, overcome pesky plateaus, and feel better about yourself everyday.


Consultation and 1 Workout session= $35

10 session package = $350

20 session package = $650

30 session package = $900


* Hours vary depending on availability. Call for more information!



The Fitness Pros

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